diane-profileDianeʼs journey to managing Estate Sales began over 25 years ago when she discovered the secondary market world of antiques and collectibles. As a student of history, she had already developed a finely tuned curiosity and love of research. These qualities so essential in the antiques market and are also essential in assisting people in the disposition of their personal property. Her experience in identifying and evaluating, along with her wide network of business relationships cultivated over many years, helps her help others. In other words, she knows who to contact and where ever changing market demands are.

Why does this matter to you as you consider moving your personal property via an Estate Sale? One reason to select a professional like Diane to run your sale, is for her skills at pricing and identifying items properly. This helps maximize the most from your sale. A professional should fill you with the confidence that they know what they are doing! By this I mean, pricing to get you fair return, and yet pricing it so it will in fact sell!

Another reason to seek a professional, is the need for an estate sale often occurs on the heals of a life changing event, such as a death or divorce.  Hiring a professional helps you get through these stressful times and lessens your load so you can focus on other matters. Where Diane excels in this area is her compassion for your situation and her respect for you confidentiality at all times.

Additionally, Diane is skilled at quality photo taking, developing written ads, and drawing in the customers. She will be happy to provide references, testimonials and links to previous ads to affirm this for you.

diane at sale